Stitches for Survival want to say a massive thank you to the hundreds of people who made this project a reality! As well as sending a message to world leaders at COP26, Stitches for Survival is all about inspiring “the every day person” to take positive action to tackle climate change. S4S shows what happens when hundreds of people stitch together: inspiring regular folk to think about their habits, their carbon footprint and to learn about climate change.  It has been amazing to see S4S action happening all across the country and the world, demonstrating the power of grassroots community projects in creating change right now.

This page is an attempt by the Stitches for Survival Organising Group to acknowledge some of the organisations and networks who have supported the project:

  • Firstly to all those who believed and contributed to the 1.5 miles of beautiful panels. You are amazing and your craftivism has been inspiring.
  • To all Regional Coordinators, thank you for your time and commitment to this project, your contribution has been massive and kept us going. Every panel was important but a special shout out to the big contributions from Bristol, Soroptimists in Scotland, the Borders, Leeds and Aire Valley… we could go on. Please forgive us for not naming everyone, you have all been INCREDIBLE.
  • To our partners R:evolve Recycle , for being our guardian angels and helping us make this idea a reality. For your storage, community space and van; your amazing volunteers; local knowledge and networks; and for believing we could do this.
  • To the committed Stitchers who attended the ‘sewing up’ sessions all over the country. The 1.5 miles of scarf beautifully sewn together is a testimony to all your work.
  • To all those who donated rope and pegs to ‘literally’ support the display of our scarf. In particular, Longcraigs Scout Centre and Port Edgar Watersports Centre.
  • To Stop Climate Chaos and COP26 Coalition for their encouragement for the project and connecting us up with opportunities to display the scarf.

This is not the end… the panels, where appropriate, will be repurposed into blankets to provide comfort for refugees and other people who need them.  Others will continue to be displayed across the world in various settings- churches, museums, community centres, public places, etc. – to raise awareness and action on climate change. Please do post photos and share messages of our ongoing work.