The Stiches For Survival scarf will be used to convey key environmental messages and to demand that our elected representatives act to:

Keep fossil fuels in the ground

Governments worldwide must take steps to phase out fossil fuel extraction and use. They must ensure a just transition for workers and communities dependent on the industry to energy production that is 100% renewable, nuclear-free and zero-fossil-fuel. We urge local authorities, pension funds and governments to divest from fossil fuel companies.

Find out more about Fossil-Free Divestment

Establish regenerative and distributive economies for the survival of the planet

The earth is not for sale. Models based on economic growth are fundamentally unsustainable. We urgently need to establish economic systems that place the thriving and wellbeing of all life at the centre. We need to see the climate crisis in the context of  systemic global inequality and for climate finance to be in place to redress the balance.

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Legal protection for the earth and oceans

With the very forests that sustain life on earth being destroyed at alarming speeds we call for international legal protection for the earth and oceans. We need laws that recognise the interconnectedness between humans and Nature and our responsibility to protect and defend Nature.

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Stitches for Survival is a creative act of collective hope. Join us in changing the world one stitch at a time.