Stitches for Survival and COP26, September 2021: Where are we?

We thought an update to let you wonderful Stitchers know where we are with the project, would be helpful at this point.

It’s all coming together organically and as we are working alongside other activist groups at COP26, while it is no easy logistical task, it is very exciting. You are all part of making this a very special project for the planet.

· We aim to display our scarf at COP26 on the weekend of 6/7th November and hope to use Glasgow Green, near the Peoples Palace. This is an old drying green which is a public place and citizens have a right to dry their washing there, so we thought it would be a great space for S4S. We hope as many of you out there as possible can join us. The Human Hotel offers free/reasonable accommodation on

· There is a “Raising of Banners” on the Wednesday 1st November at COP26 being co-ordinated and we hope to be part of that – again volunteers needed.

· A rally and march will take place on the 6th November and this may have the Glasgow Green for the rally or the convergence point. We are in conversation with the organisers to co-ordinate with S4S

· Groups all over the world are participating in our project so we anticipate having enough scarf, but we do not know at present how near our target of 1.5 miles we are. It is the process which is important however we are optimistic with the activity we see and hear about; we will get to our target. Do keep stitching – your work is WONDERFUL!

· Our fantastic partner organisation R:evolve Recycle in Glasgow will now take over storage and delivery of all panels. Please now send to: R:evolve Recycle, 56 Hamilton Road, Cambuslang, Glasgow, UK, G72 7LE

R:evolve are also organising S4S “stitch up” sessions in September/October so watch this space for opportunities to join in!

· We are so grateful to Christine Thompson who has been collecting and photographing all the beautiful panels so far – “a big thank you Christine!”.

Finally, thanks again to all of you for making Stitches for Survival such an amazing community initiative! The thousands of stitches will make such an impact- demonstrating global commitment to action on  climate change.

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