Why craftivism?

Changing the world one stitch at a time

Craft + activism = craftivism

Craftivism is for anyone who wants to make beautiful and useful craft with a message — making people stop and reflect. Crafting together has long traditions, giving craftivism a particular appeal for those who may not want or be able to join in other forms of activism.

Crafts are also important in how we take climate action — slowing down and using traditional methods to make beautiful items that last. We believe this is beneficial for those crafting as they spend time thinking about the issue at hand while they craft, and for those who come across the pieces as they are challenged in their usual expectation of activism.

All over the world craftivism has brought people together — all genders and ages, and in support of a wide range of causes. Craftivism comes in all shapes and sizes.

Here are some examples: