Stitches for Survival named a must see COP26 Cultural Event

This week The Herald named Stitches for Survival one of 10 great cultural and public events to see during COP26.

The display of the 1.5 miles of stitched and knitted scarf at Glasgow Green Drying Poles on the 6th November was described as “mass craftivism at its best”. The event is an opportunity to see the power of community action, with hundreds of people from around the world contributing to the amazing display of art.

Find the full article here,  and read about the other amazing climate focussed events happening during COP26.

Join us Stitches for Survival on Saturday 6th November to demonstrate public will for action on climate change.

Canadian Students contribute to the Stitches for Survival Scarf

This month two beautiful panels arrived from a class of students all the way from SOLE Alternative school in Toronto, Canada, to join the Stitches for Survival scarf display at COP26 in Glasgow.

After hearing about Stitches for Survival during a virtual event on craftivism, Rachel their teacher was inspired to get involved: “I thought this project would bring together our shared passion for the arts and empower the students to take action on the climate catastrophe.”

Each student worked hard to design and create a quarter of a panel, which were then sewed and glued together. Not only was this their first time back in a school building in months, the class also faced challenges with the hands-on project wearing a mask and observing COVID-19 protocols.

Rachel commented: “We were proud to create two panels to mail, and thrilled when a glimpse of one of the envelopes on a BBC story about the project confirmed that they’d reached their destination in time!”

The Canadian panels will join the 1.5 miles of scarf displayed at Glasgow Green Drying Poles on the 6th November during COP26, in solidarity with those most affected by climate change and to urge negotiators to take bold and binding action together. A massive thank you to all the students and to Rachel for organising. True global solidarity!

Bristol Stitches for Survival meets Camino to COP26 Walkers

In early September, the Bristol Stitches for Survival group waved off the amazing Camino to COP26 walkers from Bristol Cathedral, united in our shared commitment for climate justice and action on climate change.

Camino to COP26 are a faith based group, walking from London and Bristol to Glasgow, for COP26.

As told on their website: The purpose of the walk is to build alliances and engage communities along the route – faith communities and other local communities – and to spread the word about the urgency of the need for meaningful action to address the global climate and ecological emergency. This is an opportunity for connection and outreach and is expressly not a physically disruptive or civilly disobedient action. Those involved are asked to sign up to this principle.

The walk is for everyone in XR and beyond, not just the faith communities – we all have much to give, much to share, and much we can learn from each other. The hope is that local XR groups will take part, and that local groups as well as faith groups will help us locate resources such as community halls, churches halls etc that will host our walkers each evening by providing food, somewhere to sleep and other facilities. It is also hoped that local groups will identify opportunities for walkers to to give talks within the communities through which they pass.

If you want to join Camino to COP26 for a day and hear from the inspiring group, find details of their itinerary here.

The Big COP26 Display: Stitches for Survival 1.5 miles on Glasgow Green

On the 6th November during COP26, Stitches for Survival will be displaying 1.5 miles of beautiful hand-crafted scarf, on Glasgow Green Drying Poles and Railings.

Hundreds of Craftivists from around the world have knitted, crocheted, stitched and crafted 1.5 miles of climate messages for the COP26 negotiators to urge them to take bold and binding action together. Mass-craftivism to put the Earth centre-stage at COP26!

Please join us at the event and support the display of the amazing scarf in person, to show solidarity and demonstrate to world leaders our commitment to protecting the planet!

Although we want to send a message to world leaders at COP26, Stitches for Survival is all about inspiring “the every day person” to take positive action to tackle climate change: S4S shows what happens when hundreds of people knit together (pun intended) and we want to inspire “regular folk” to think about their habits, their carbon footprint and to learn about climate change. Thank you all for making this vision a reality!

York Minster Stitches for Survival Display

Stitches for Survival local groups from Leeds and Aire Valley have a spectacular display on at the iconic York Minster until 28th September.

We join a special season of services, events and webinar debates put on by York Minster highlighting the accelerating global climate and environment emergency, throughout September and October.

Taken from a York Minster News Release:

The season will also anticipate the crucial COP 26 UN Climate Change Summit in Glasgow (31 October – 12 November), regarded by many as the final wake up call for world leaders to follow through on their commitments protect the environment to avert a catastrophic climate crisis.

Canon Maggie McLean, Canon Missioner at York Minster said:

“There can be no doubt that the global climate emergency is the most serious challenge of all time and it is getting closer and closer to home.

“We have put together this season of events and special services to reflect on the climate challenges we face together and explore how we can respond faithfully through prayer and action. Speakers from across the world will consider our place in creation, explore theologies of creation and will consider the climate emergency as the primary justice issue of our age.”

Please visit the York Minster by the end of September to see the beautiful Stitches display and more!