Stitching in South Africa

Stitches for Survival has spread across the globe, including support from HEXLappies, a group of women from the Hex River Valley in South Africa. These beautiful panels are being displayed locally to raise awareness around climate change.

The HEXLappies group uses creativity to explore and record their experiences.

‘We foster conscious coming together, where the thoughts of grief and trauma can be explored, as well as joys from our lives’

‘In this time of COVID-19 everything shifted and it is now important for families to connect, listen to each other and make our own artwork for the future to remember this time’

Following their project documenting experiences of COVID-19, HEXLappies decided to create panels for Stitches for Survival. This short video shares their messages from South Africa. Unfortunately due to the high postage cost, the group had to make the difficult decision not to send the panels to Glasgow, but their local action and support was inspirational.

After COP26, the panels will be stitched into blankets and donated to a children’s home in De Doorns.

The rising numbers of people involved in Stitches for Survival demonstrate the massive global support for action to tackle climate change. Join the movement! Thank you to HEXLappies for their involvement.

Messages from HEXLappies:

Nicky Nyanga: ‘ Stop pollution our earth is burning’

Linda Botes: ‘I want a future for my children’

Hendritta van Eick: ‘I want a healthy environment’

Katrina Mokwena: ‘Happy nation, happy family, and love’

Sophia Killian: ‘I want to live in a healthy valley, I want Hex River Valley to be a healthy place’

Beverley C. Ranchod: ‘I want our rivers and oceans to be free of pollution’

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