The practicalities

What to do once you have created your 60cm * 100cm panel…

1. Firstly a massive thank you for being involved!! 

2. Share the message locally in the lead up to Cop26.  Use the list of Regional Coordinators to join with others and display the panels at local events. Please let us know if you can be a regional coordinator who can act as a collection point for the scarf in your area.   Sew panels in rows of up to 20 before bringing to Glasgow for the final display. For more guidance see Joining panels (updated)

3. Bring your panels to Glasgow during COP26 on Saturday 6th November (from 9am), to display our 1.5 miles of scarf on Glasgow Green Drying Poles. We would LOVE for people to join us at the event, to show world leaders our commitment to protecting the planet. It will be an amazing day! Everyone is very welcome and we really encourage people to come.

Please find instructions for attending the event here 

Event page here  

4. If you are unable to come to Glasgow, individual panels can be posted by the 30th September to: 

R:evolve Recycle, 56 Hamilton Road, Cambuslang, Glasgow, UK. G72 7LE

Please sew your local sections together before sending, in rows of up to 20. If you would  like R:evolve to acknowledge receipt of your piece please include a note with an email address or mobile number.

  • Sewed up sections of panels under 20 deadline: Monday 11th October
  • Complete sections of 20 panels sewed together deadline: Friday 29th October

5. Due to limited capacity and resources we are unfortunately unable to send panels back to you. If you want to keep the panels locally after COP26, please come to Glasgow for the event and take them home with you. If you are unable to do that, we suggest keeping them for local displays rather than sending them up (it would be amazing if as many people can make it to Glasgow as possible though.)

For general information please see Stitches for Survival QandA, with answers to the most common questions we have had about the project.

More about our amazing partner R:evolve Recycle

R:evolve Recycle is a unique intergenerational project managed by LEAP, a charity that work to enhance the lives of older people across Scotland through volunteering, learning, socialising and befriending. R:evolve’s goal is to reduce clothing consumption, cutdown carbon emissions and decrease landfill waste by offering a range of services for the whole community, based on the stories, skills and experiences of older people, which prolong the life of clothes. We do this by bringing back some good old-fashioned ideas like swapping, sharing, mending and making. We do this by operating swap shops, delivering workshops and facilitating community events and education. For more information please visit their website or social media:


Facebook: @revolverecycle

Instagram: @revovlerecycle

Twitter: @revolverecycle